All Good Things in Moderation (on life after dial up)

All Good Things in Moderation (on life after dial up)

I can have my cake and eat it too!

My mom always said that it was fine to have dessert for breakfast once and awhile–as long as you didn’t have your cake–and your Eggs Benedict too.

I find myself leaning into this same form of decadent moderation with my new access to high speed internet. I may allow myself instant entry to the World Wide Web first thing in the morning, but I pace myself with one new treat a day.

That first day, I was able to view a beguiling rap performance by Tom Cruise(??) on the MTV Awards; and today, I’m enjoying my first West Wing Week in Action–including a clip from the President’s commencement speech at Kalamazoo Highschool.

Getting DSL after a year of blogging with “dial up,” makes me feel like a lottery winner–and I need to pace my spendings just like those winners do–reminding myself that there’s plenty of time for reruns of The Brady Bunch and live streamed concerts and all kinds of shopping.

Kelly Salasin