Our Community “House Raising” June 2004

Long before we relocated to Vermont from the Jersey Shore, my husband dreamed of building his own home.  As anyone who has ever embarked on this reality knows, it’s as much a fairytale as a nightmare.

Romancing a home is something outside the realm of mortgages & construction loans & above ground septic tanks.  Without the romance, who would embark on such an endeavor (even with the romance, “some” of us would rather not.)

But embark we did in 2004, discovering that building a home together takes as much courage as leaving one life for another.

For the chronicle of our home building adventure, search the developing collection of stories under the category: “Timber-Framed,” which by the way holds more than one meaning, as no doubt you’ll come to see through the eyes of one who endured “her husband’s” dream-come-true.

(Look for stories through his rosy lenses too.)

Kelly Salasin