The World for Obama

The World for Obama

“We have a big task ahead if us. We have to thread our civilization through the eye of a needle.”

~Paul Gilding, The Great Disruption

I can’t bear another debate, but I do want to share with you some of my own “foreign policy” observations.

In the past few years, I’ve had the privilege of working side by side with people from around the world–leaders in educational exchange–working on behalf of international non-profits to build peace through connection and understanding and education.

While these outspoken friends don’t agree with every policy of the current administration, they do see a second term as a beacon of hope–for the world.

Here’s how they responded when I asked them about our upcoming election:


Obama has been breath of fresh air on foreign policy. I am disappointed (he) missed (some) opportunities, but it is usually in a second term that US presidents (make) bold moves.


Absolutely, way more positive perception…even though Obama has not delivered on all of the expectations we had of him.

Yet, in the end, he came in at a point where it was already clear that his situation would be really, really difficult. 

This is the 4 year period where American Presidents stop worrying about being re-elected and concentrate on their place in history. 

South America

There is no doubt in my mind and in many, many others (you wouldn’t believe how many !!) that Obama has given the U.S. renewed prestige. He has faced very difficult times  …But you can see that he is honest (and) wants the best for his country… and also wants the best for the rest of the world and the future of humanity.

We are as anxious as you waiting for Obama to be reelected as it will make a difference–an enormous one–(in) our lives and (in our) countries.


I felt very safe that you chose Obama to be President.  For me, it’s a symbol of flexibility and of openness to other countries–and to the weak. 

Kelly Salasin, October 22, 2012

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