LOVE at First CLICK (me & DSL)

LOVE at First CLICK (me & DSL)

Oh, DSL, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways…


We’ve only been together for what? 72 hours?  And already, I have a list of things I just love about you!

  1. You’re so RESPONSIVE.

  2. You’re so EASY going.

  3. You’re so FLEXIBLE that I can leave & come back later.

  4. You maintain your CONNECTION despite my absence.

  5. You SHARE everything with me–even video.

  6. There’s so much more left to EXPLORE between us.

  7. But I can finally do just ONE THING AT A TIME because you’re FULLY PRESENT.

And best of all, our courtship has been limited these past days to a single location.  But if my ears hear correctly, a truck has just made a delivery to my doorstep–and soon…You & I will be FREE to explore our relationship beyond bounds!


ps. That sound I heard in my driveway WASN’T a delivery truck FINALLY dropping off my wireless modem—it was the school bus driver dropping off our weekly eggs.  The saga continues…

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Kelly Salasin

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