For the Love of Trees

For the Love of Trees

tree threshold

A friend of mine once said that one of the best things about Vermont is the tree to people ratio

D. H. Lawrence captures the spirit of Love within living things here:

Love is a relationship between things that live, holding them together in a sort of unison…  In every living thing there is the desire for love, or for the relationship of unison with the rest of things. That a tree should desire to develop itself between the power of the sun, and the opposite pull of the earth’s centre, and to balance itself between the four winds of heaven, and to unfold itself between the rain and the shine, to have roots and feelers in blue heaven and innermost earth, both, this is a manifestation of love: a knitting together of the diverse cosmos into a oneness, a tree.

(D. H. Lawrence, from the compilation, The Spirit of Loving, edited by Emily Hillburn Sell.)

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