Tweeting Town Meeting

Tweeting Town Meeting

Residents head to the Town Hall for Marlboro's 2010 Town Meeting (photo: Marcia Hamilton)

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The room breaks out in laughter as townspeople turn toward each other–repeating the word “tweeting’–after my announcement that I’ve been live posting today’s Town Meeting for VPR.

The only other time the gathering laughs as hard is when the Town Energy Committee announces that they have received a $750 grant for an audit of our 200-year old Town Hall (where today’s meeting takes place.)

Though a 20 foot snow pile stands beside the building, the weather today is so atypically mild that most attendees can remove their hats and gloves (and some even coats) in the beloved–but drafty–Town House.

Kids play on the snow pile during the lunch break, Marlboro Town Meeting, 2010 (photo: Marcia Hamilton)

Marlboro’s first town meeting took place in 1775 after being settled a decade earlier.  The town once called “New Marlborough”  had a population of 1300 in the year 1820.  The census  for 2000 recorded 978 citizens in  present-day Marlboro.  (Info. from the Marlboro Historical Society.)

To follow the highlights of the Marlboro’s 2010 Town Meeting, take a look at the stream of tweets (140 characters or less) that were posted live during yesterday’s annual gathering:

8:55 am, Residents take their seats for Marlboro's Annual Town Meeting, 2010 (photo: Marcia Hamilton)

Tweeting Town Meeting

(9:15 am)

Up at 6 2 make it back 2 VT in time for Town Mtg~ still missed my fav. part~the opening

(9:30 am)

Marlboro Town Mtg. now discussing School Bd’s request 2 reduce their own stipend from $1,000 to $100

(9:45 am)

After much discussion “against” reducing Marlboro School Board stipend, amendment passes 2 support their request

(10:00 am)

Only in VT~Marlboro Town Mtg. Moderator steps down 4 moment 2 answer question in his other role as District Superintendent

Moderator( & School Superintendent Steven John) presides over Marlboros 2010 Town Meeting (photo Marcia Hamilton)

(10:15 am)

Almost FULL House here in Marlboro (Town House that is) approx. 120 ppl

(10:30 am)

School Superintendent turns back 2 Town Mtg Moderator & Marlboro school budget passes with ease

(10:45 am)

Marlboro Town Mtg has apparently shifted 2 comically editing the Town Report after brief adjournment

(11:00 am)

Forced Hand count 2 suspend rules 2 move “closing discussions” B4 Lunch while attendance high

(11:05 am)

Standing Applause~Bob Anderson speaks on behalf of Marlboro Conservation Commission who raised MILLION 7+ 2 preserve Hogback MT!

(11:15 am)

It’s VT Town Meetings where I learned what it means 2 participate:

(11:30 am)

Long-time Marlboro resident Dan MacArthur proposes shifting vote for Town Officers 2 Town Mtg rather than ballot

(11:35 am)

Constable Clarence Boston supports vote 4 Officers at Town Mtg when VT makes 2day PAID HOLIDAY!

(11:40 am)

Road Foreman Dave Elliot counters that Meeting Hall wouldn’t accommodate all voters if Officers were 2B elected at Town Mtg

(11:45 am)

Marlboro’s Town Meeting suspended 2 welcome State Rep. Marek~with applause

(11:50 am)

Always lots of knitters at Marlboro’s Town Meeting; mine is the only lap with a computer

(11:55 am)

This live coverage made possible by wi fi at Town Hall; no high speed access yet at my Marlboro home

(12:00 pm)

Marlboro res. Alan Dann whose wife is Dr. addresses Rep. Marek~ wants VT 2 serve as model 4 rest of nation around HEALTH CARE!

(12:05 pm)

Almost skipped Town Mtg this yr 2 prolong family vaca; VPR inspired me 2 B here once again; had 2 wake kids at 6:00 am

(12:10 pm)

14 yr old son attends Town Mtg. every yr since infant; learning what it means 2 live in community

(12:15 pm)

Marlboro Town Meeting about to adjourn for annual community POTLUCK LUNCH (my boys live 4 the homemade desserts!)

(12:20 pm)

Biz Owner Jane Wilde apologizes for cell phone ringing during Town Meeting~ a first for Marlboro

(12:30 pm)

Marlboro Potluck Lunch, Town Meeting Day, 2010 (photo: Marcia Hamilton)

A Town Mtg Potluck 4 all ages~grandchildren, elders & everything in between

(12:45 pm)

Whetstone Inn owner Jean Boardman’s “Chocolate Creme de Cacoa cake” is dessert of choice at Marlboro’s Potluck–every yr!

(1:15 pm)

Motion 2 keep Selectboard comp. at current rate rather than reduce it–2 avoid lengthy Marlboro discussion against reducing 🙂

(1:20 pm)

Applause~Resident Keely Eastly acknowledges Marlboro Selectboard 4 maintaining balanced budget–never a deficit

(1: 25 pm)

Applause~Selectperson Gail MacArthur recognizes Town Foreman, Dave Elliott & Crew for great care of Marlboro roads

Dave Elliott, Marlboro's Road Foreman (photo: Marcia Hamilton)

(1:30 pm)

Marlboro Road Foreman Dave Elliott reports: loss use of 2 trucks in last storm; circles still under his eyes; budget passes

(1:35 pm)

With mudseason approaching, Marlboro Rd. Foreman offers 3 Rules of Good Roads: “Drainage, drainage, drainage (& carpool.)”

(1:40 pm)

In 1822,Marlboro inhabitants vote 2build Town House/hosting 2day’s mtg

(1:45 pm)

Protocol questioned following death of Fireman Jack Horton at accident scene;choked response:”We watch each others back more.”

(1:50 pm)

Editor/Creator Jess Weitz applauded for community newletter~The Marlboro Mixer~ an excellent town resource


Marlboro Town Meeting votes en masse on Articles #9-15~funding town & county programs

(2:00 pm)

Mathematics professor/author, Joe Mazur, of Marlboro, speaks on behalf of Mayors for Peace~2 end use of nuclear weapons

(2:05 pm)

Legacy~first legal Town Meeting in Marlboro held in 1775

Vintage aerial view of Marlboro town center (photo: Marlboro Historical Society)

(2:10 pm)

Marlboro Town Meeting still more than half-full following lunch adjournment

(2:15 pm)

Marlboro’s first settlers came in the spring of 1763

(2:20 pm)

Many townspeople speak to the power of small groups of citizens in favor of movements like Mayors for Peace

(2:30 pm)

“Never doubt a small grp of thoughtful, committed citizens can change world. Indeed, it’s only thing that ever has.” M. Mead

(2:35 pm)

Moderator shares:wife’s aunt in Hiroshima on day bombed.

(2:40 pm)

Marlboro Town Energy Committee offers its services 2 homes 2 reduce energy use

(2:45 pm)

Marlboro citizens encouraged 2 serve on town committees & also help put away chairs 2day, adding,”There are leftover desserts!

(2:50 pm)

More laughter & applause than angst today at Marlboro’s Town Meeting

(2:55 pm)

Laughter follows my announcement that I’ve been live “tweeting”Marlboro’s meeting as most have little idea what “tweeting” is

(3:00 pm)

Signing off~Thanks again VPR for keeping the spirit of Vermont–and Town Meeting– ALIVE. It was a pleasure.

Town Hall, Marlboro, VT 2010 (photo Marcia Hamilton)

Kelly Salasin, March 2, 2010, Marlboro Town Meeting, Vermont