Highlights of the VCRD Community Meeting Process, Part III

Highlights of the VCRD Community Meeting Process, Part III

photo: David Holzapfel

Below is the LIVE “Twitter” feed from last night’s Community Meeting in Marlboro, Part III, led by the Vermont Council on Rural Development (VCRD.) Enjoy the highlights below (last post listed first.) Photos by David Holzapfel.

Trails Meeting

Twitter Feed

We’re delighted and confident about what you’ll get done here in Marlboro.” #VCRD Paul Costello

We’re Marlboro’s cheerleaders,” says #VCRD Director Paul Costello, “deeply honored to be a part of your process.

Marlboro is one of the most dynamic & interesting communities we’ve ever seen…with a depth of talent.#VCRD Paul Costello

The visiting team of experts gathers with VCRD Director, Costello.

#VCRD Visiting team overwhelmed by just how many people came out for Part III of Community Meeting in Marlboro tonight–75+.

#VCRD is your resource referral agency,” says Executive DIrector, Paul Costello. “and we’ll be back to help if you get stuck.”

Chair of this community process, Forrest Holzapfel, about 2 close meeting in Marlboro.

Marlboro Community Meeting Organizer, Forrest Holzapfel

Town ENERGY PLAN is the ULTIMATE goal 4 Energy Comm. 2 take a leadership role in energy efficiency&use of renewable energy.

All 3 groups speak about keeping the Marlboro community informed thru the MIXER, the town website, & stakeholder conversations.

Town Energy Meeting

A TOP priority 4 Energy Goal was 2 “keep the conversation CIVIL” given how heated initiatives like windtowers & hydropower can be.

Trails Group Leader shares next steps.

Effective resources for the Trail/Bike Path Effort included federal, state and local initiatives and funding.Meetings for various stakeholders~from landholders to mountain bikers~is part of the Trails initiative with well-designed conversations

Safe access to Route 9 is one of the issues of the Trail & Bike Path Initiative in Marlboro. Inventory of trails is another.

The Community Center is a galvanizing one (in Marlboro)” says #VCRD Paul Costello. Next trails committee report.

Marlboro Community Meeting, Part III. Each of the 3 initiatives will report back to the whole group now.

Some “fundholders” donate toward civic engagements, others to historic preservation. The Windham County Rep for VCDP is here tonight.

Resources~The VT Community Development Program coordinates 550 different funds including living donors, aka “fundholders.” HOW FUN!

Money follows money,” says #VCRD Executive Director, Paul Costello about the funding process within and outside the town.

Town CTR meeting adjourns for short break before the full group reconvenes in the Marlboro Elementary Outback.

After August Mtg in Marlboro, #VCRD will be back at the 6 month & 12 month mark.

We serve as a resource patrol agent,” says #VCRD Director about their role in the future of this process in Marlboro.

#VCRD Director asks Marlboro Comm. Mtg Chair, Forrest Holzapfel, who he has identified as key leaders for each initiative.

#VCRD visiting team now sharing resources (including grants) available to Marlboro toward developing a town center/building.

My hand up 1st when VT Preservation Trust Rep. asks who will join bus tour around the state 2 see town centers.

VCRD Director Paul Costello lists next steps for the Community Center.

Prioritizing Action Steps at tonight’s meeting around Marlboro’s goal for a Town Center/Building #VCRD http://wp.me/pG508-9D

Marlboro Town Center Bldg. 3 possibilities rising from the discussion: Skyline, Marlboro North (college bldg), New Construction.

Hey Marlboro, anybody out there?

#VCRD brought a visiting team to Marlboro tonight to help move town goals forward.

Trails Meeting in action

#VCRD Director keeps Marlborians focused on potential Action Steps to keep Community Ctr. goal moving FORWARD http://wp.me/pG508-9D

#VCRD Preservation Trust Rep. suggests a tour to other communities to see community center dev’t

#VCRD expert shares examples of other VT communities who have established community centers with various purposes

#VCRD Executive Director, Paul Costello, leads the Town Center Action Plan Meeting in Marlboro tonight. http://wp.me/pG508-9D about 13 h

Baseball Mom arriving late 2 Community Center gathering–one of 3 meetings taking place 2nite in Marlboro

Only highway parking remains at Marlboro Elementary School where the 3rd Community Meeting is taking place #VCRD http://wp.me/pG508-9D

Town Energy Meeting

Tweeting LIVE from Marlboro’s Community Mtg, Part III

Photographer David Holzapfel captures me enjoying a cookie while Tweeting.

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