The Mud Angel

The Mud Angel

mpinwheel-daffodilA few years back my family and I rented a house atop of Cow Path Forty–What a winter!  It seemed to snow more in March that year than it did all season.  We watched as the plow piles in our driveway reached alarming heights.  And then it all began to melt…

Each day was another adventure as we maneuvered our way up and down our road, dodging the deepest of ruts.   We thought a lot about cows and demolition derbies, but nothing encouraged us more than the discovery made one day at the crest of our hill: 

a large sunshine-colored pinwheel was planted smack in the middle of the tiny pond that had formed in our road.

So deep was this rut that her plastic-petaled face survived for days without being crushed.  The sight of her buoyed us through all that brown…  with the promise of SPRING!

kelly salasin