Occupy WHAT?

Occupy WHAT?

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What you seek is seeking you.



Right now, I’m occupying my bed–on day 3 with the flu. How about you? Are you in NYC? Or heading there? Or gathering somewhere else? Or avoiding it altogether?

As a latent activist, I must admit that I’m afraid of outrage. The idea of gathering with an angry mob in a crowded city doesn’t attract me. Except for the energy.

I feel the energy. I’m attracted to the spirit of “occupying together”–only I don’t know what we’re occupying.

Do you?

Certainly anger and outrage aren’t places I want to occupy.  Neither is hatred or blame. But perhaps these are necessary starting places–stepping stones to something else.  It’s the “something else” I want to occupy.

So, to all my forerunners out there–thank you. Thank you for your passion and your courage and your commitment–and even your outrage. Thank you for enduring the sleeping bags, and the pepper spray and the mocking. And know this–as you move from #OccupyWallStreet to #OccupyTogether, I’ll be joining you. And I’ll bring my sons.

For what I want to occupy is a place that doesn’t focus on what’s wrong and who’s to blame, but what’s right and how to make it so–for everyone–even my husband’s second cousin on Wall Street.

Kelly Salasin, Marlboro, Vermont

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Occupy Brattleboro /Occupy Vermont