Summer’s Goodbye

Summer’s Goodbye

South Pond Heaven, Kelly Salasin, September 2011, all rights reserved

Deer in the North

Owl in the West

Geese in the sky

Crickets in the grass

Clouds above

and below

as I float on the pond

Waters pregnant

with Summer’s Goodbye


like a Nursing Mother,

Will this be the last time?

~Kelly Salasin, New Moon, September 2011

That Cheating Summer

That Cheating Summer

Autumn, like some out of town hussy

Parades her hot reds and oranges up my road

Until she lures my lover from our bed

And he abandons all that we have created together

Every flower and fruit and blade of grass

Color blind to the doom that follows such folly

Leading us all into the dark clutches of Winter

~Kelly Salasin, October 2010