The Dog Days… of September

The Dog Days… of September


i love the sound of a body,

any kind of body,

entering the pond~

a person

a boat

a dog.

Yes, especially a dog.

i love the leaping plunge of all fours,

the giving over of earthly paws to the weightlessness of water.

When summer winds down and children return to school,

the dogs frequent the pond,

accompanied by a two-legged friend,

but sometimes on their own.

Like yesterday,

when an old Bassett Hound and a Shepard Mutt

crashed the gates to this member-only swimming hole,

taking turns dipping

and alternately shaking off

which they did next to me & my blanket–

as if they wouldn’t know they were dry

unless someone else

was wet.


South Pond, September 26, 2010