country mouse, part II

country mouse, part II

(Part II of personal perspective of life in the city while participating in CSW59–United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, NYC. Click here for Part I. )


7 Things I Take for Granted Living on 7 Acres in the Country

1. Nudity
Without spectators out every window.

2. Quiet
No voices from the other side of the wall.

3. Hot water
Shared with my family, not an entire building.

4. Autonomy
No board of directors caring about my day to day.

5. Parking
Wherever I want. For as along as I want. Even on Mondays & Thursdays. And Tuesdays & Fridays.

6. Snow
Without an exponential impact on #5.

7. Pace
Moving as slow as I want without incurring honks or shoves.

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