Kelly’s Rules for Prolonging Summer

Kelly’s Rules for Prolonging Summer

It’s takes a group effort to keep a Vermont summer from fleeing, and our recent weather suggests that not everyone is participating. Help us prolong that precious, blink-of-an-eye season by reviewing this set of rules, carefully developed over 17 years in the Green Mountains.  Then add your own below.

  1. Continue to immerse yourself in outdoor bodies of water, even if it’s just for a plunge.
  2. Continue to picnic.
  3. Continue to wear open toed shoes.
  4. Whenever possible, choose a sweatshirt over a fleece.
  5. Under no circumstances should you wear your winter coat.
  6. Do NOT unpack your beach bag.
  7. Do not turn over your garden.
  8. Avoid starting an indoor fire.
  9. Save fall fashion items for October.
  10. Ignore signs of trees changing color prematurely.
  11. Do not say the F. word until after September 21.
  12. NEVER make mention of the S. word, even in jest.
  13. Hold off on the apple crisp.
  14. Find every last berry.
  15. Nurse every bit of harvest you can from your garden.
  16. … add your own rules below

Kelly Salasin, August 25, 2011

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6 thoughts on “Kelly’s Rules for Prolonging Summer

  1. The L.L Bean catalog that arrives with the most beautiful fall painting of water, mountains, and foliage… quickly stuff it under your ” I’ll get to it later…” paper pile before looking.

    Keep your bottle of sunblock in a spot you see several times a day. A pile of brightly colored beach towels works well too.

    If you see dandelions with the thick, milky stems adore them as the most glorious flower ever.

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