Marlboro Town Meeting ’11 Highlights

Marlboro Town Meeting ’11 Highlights

“…the dead like to be played upon…”

Marlboro resident at Town Meeting on the issue of children in the cemetery

Marlboro Town House, Town Meeting Day 2010, Marcia Hamilton

If you missed town meeting this year or you’re just curious about what goes on at this community tradition, VPR (Vermont Public Radio) runs a live feed of tweets from the meetings around the state.

Below are the highlights from Marlboro as copied from my Twitter/Facebook feed:

  • Vermont Public Radio: @kellysalasin is Tweeting Town Meeting from Marlboro
  • Jean Boardman’s Creme de Cacoa Chocolate Cake from the Whetstone Inn continues to be highlight of Marlboro Town Meeting Day Potluck
  • 15 yr old skipped Town Meeting for the first time this year; but couldn’t resist inquiring around any heated topics. “Tag in the Cemetery” was by far my favorite this year; but in no way surpasses the protracted conversation around dogs or flags or school breakfast in previous years.
  • A rare, before lunch, conclusion to Town Meeting in Marlboro today with ample gathering under the sun out front for socializing…
  • Respectful behavior in the cemetery is an extended topic at the end of the morning here at Town Meeting in Marlboro. The dead like to be played upon,” says resident Richard Dror, about the children who like to play there. 

    Vintage aerial view of the Town of Marlboro, VT
  • other things you can do during Town Meeting Day: vote, knit, tweet, text, Sudoko, pay your neighbor for eggs, pay your other neighbor for solar panels, ogle over new babies, see old friends, witness leadership from youth, appreciate wisdom from elders, see new faces
  • Speaking of carbon release, Marlborian Jonathan Morse says, “if we’re going to have a planet to have health care on…have to advocate for alternative transportation…”
  • Milo MacArthur, youngest town member in attendance today.
  • Death with Dignity Act put forward by Marlboro resident Dan MacArthur. Rep. Marek says, whether you call it death with dignity or assisted suicide, its happening already, so let’s put a framework around it.
  • Rep. Marek reports that President Obama shared his support of VT’s single payer health care initiative with Governor Shumlin at yesterday’s governors meeting in DC.  


    Governor Peter Shumlin’s plan to implement a single payer health care system in Vermont by 2014 has gotten a big boost from Washington. President Obama told a meeting of the nation’s governors th

  • Rep. Marek says that he gets more calls on cell phone coverage than any other issue.
  • Rules suspended to allow Rep. Marek to take the floor. First order of business–distributing the Town Meeting coloring book for the several children in the room, followed by the infamous Doyle Poll.
  • We do appreciate hearing about bad spots, and mud holes, and…” Marlboro Road Crew Foreman, Dave Elliot. “We will get to all of them… at least by the end of August :)” 

  • Road crew foreman Dave Elliott addressing the question, “What’s new?” at Marlboro’s Town Meeting. “Bridge grant,” is the answer.

  • “We all rely on each other,” said more than once, on the subject of contributing to keeping the town recycling center clear of debris.

  • Mid-morning is when Town Meeting becomes more of a “family meeting” highlighting the rich characterS & community LEADERS of Marlboro.

  • Marlboro~a handful of seats still open in Town House for today’s Town Meeting; school budget already passed; town budget underway; then lunch & Jean Boardman’s cake (if we’re lucky)

  • Extended conversation around roads & speed at Marlboro’s Town Meeting given that the elementary school is on Route 9; another issue is college students on South Road; lots of accidents

  • Marlboro Selectperson Gail MacArthur receives STANDING applause for her 9 years of service; and LAUGHTER when she says that she enjoyed every minute of it.

  • only controversy so far in Marlboro is 2 NOT allow School Board & Select Board 2 reduce their compensation from $1,000 to $100.
  • Marlboro School Budget just passed without a whisper, followed by applause for staff. When I taught in Wilmington, I wanted to cry–we were so bashed. I left teaching at the end of that yr.
  • Town Meeting Day Vermont :: ’11 

    Moderator Steven John, who is also the district school superintendent, 2010 (Marcia Hamilton)

  • Marlboro Town Meeting Moderator is also School Superintendent;Comes in handy when ppl have ques. about other budgets in district
  • Any resistance felt about attending this year’s meeting swiftly melts away as I take my seat in the Town House among my fellow Marlborians on this–the 250th year as a town.


        Kelly Salasin alas, i missed the opening again–i got stuck trying to park in front of the church green–and while the road crew chief tried to rock me out, my morning tea spilled all over my breakfast wrap… AND I’m still happy to be here

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