The Heart of Communication

The Heart of Communication


The Heart of Communication Workshop

Saturday, October 2nd– 10.00-5.00 pm

At The Taoist Center, Marlboro, Vermont

Communication in its essence is a bridge that connects –  but does it?

How often do you end up feeling disconnected,  within yourself and with others,  unsatisfied with the interaction and the outcome – wondering




There is!

Drawing on the world renowned process and practice of Nonviolent Communication, we will learn how to:

·      Build relationships based on compassion, respect and understanding, starting with ourselves and working outward

·      Tune into the needs behind anyone’s behavior,  even in hostile and challenging situations

·       Clear your thinking and language of anything that generates conflict

·      Overcome past hurts and conditioned beliefs

·      Discover the power of empathy

·      Avoid ‘power struggles’  while increasing responsibility and choice

·      Transform anger and fear, and find your authentic voice

This Workshop is facilitated by Wendy Webber

Wendy brings a background of 30 years work in the field of human potential and
relationship healing – as a core process psychotherapist (UK), a focusing teacher,
a trauma resource facilitator,  a non-certified NVC trainer,  and as a coach/mentor
for personal and organizational change.

Cost: Sliding scale of $75- $50 is requested contribution.  No one turned away for lack of funds.

Venue:  The Taoist Center, Marlboro.

Contact Wendy for further details: Phone: 802-257-5833

or  email:

(Note: ‘BE THE CHANGE’ weekly Practice Groups starting Tues eve Oct 5th in Brattleboro and Thurs am Oct 7th  in Marlboro –  running till mid December)

It won’t be long, I predict, before we see compassion surpass competition as the earth’s main evolutionary method… Living a compassionate life is necessary for the world to evolve.”

Penney Peirce

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