Cinderella Story

Cinderella Story

The world has turned from red to pumpkin

pumpkin colored sky upon the birch

pumpkin colored road, all crunchy

pumpkin colored carriage whisking children back to school

pumpkin colored world

made so by the magic wand

of the sun

who offers this last bold act

of color

before we open

into the long

winter night

of white.

Kelly Salasin, October 09

One thought on “Cinderella Story

  1. I’ve really been noticing this myself Kelly, at swim team practice this past week, on the days the sun was seen shining. Just as the sun is dipping, miraculous pumpkin orange flows across the the horizon, lighting up the pool’s light colored roof enough that the young swimmers also adapt their swimming stroke to take note in awe. The top portions of the houses along the block brilliantly displaying multi-layered colors across their second stories… and these few moments before darkness bring light to carry us through our nights.


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