Summer’s Passing

Summer’s Passing

3 Generations of the MacArthur Family

Once a year they come together
To say farewell to summer
The farmers and the teachers
The musicians and the healers.

They pretend it’s a celebration
Like some funerals are said to be
But those of us on this side of 50, know
That life is less a gathering, and more a letting go.

Only moments like this still into perfection
A constellation of MacArthurs brightens into view
Jason in the field
Robin beside the boys
John under the tent…
First his wife, then his children,
and now the grandchildren and great-grandchildren center stage.

The sound of their voices stirs a longing inside for all things eternal
The nursing mother
The father and son embrace
The nail pounding contest
The tea tent
Megan’s fair song.

As Dan’s familiar voice addresses the crowd
I feel a pang inside
For the preciousness of all things yet to pass.

Like these lasts drops of summer

With the poet’s words echoing in the fading light… 

I wish I understood the beauty
in leaves falling. To whom
are we beautiful as we go?

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Community Tug of War
Community Tug of War, 33rd Annual Marlboro Fair
Writing, Dancing & Yoga Sanghas for Women, Southern Vermont

Writing, Dancing & Yoga Sanghas for Women, Southern Vermont

Kelly Salasin:

Coming soon… with in-person and online offerings…

Originally posted on Kelly & Lila:

(The Mirror of Venus, Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones, Bt ARA. 1898) (The Mirror of Venus, Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones, Bt ARA. 1898)

People usually consider walking on water or in thin air a miracle. But I think the real miracle is not to walk either on water or in thin air, but to walk on earth.
(Thich Nhat Hanh)


These sanghas are warm & welcoming gatherings of women on the path.
Writing, dancing, yoga skill/experience unnecessary.
Beginners~of all levels~invited.


Morning Yoga Practice
~Monday mornings, 8:30 am~
Music, movement, meditation & breath practices
to ease into your week
(Click here to hold a space or contact Kelly.)


Let Your Yoga Dance!
~Tuesday evenings, 6:30 pm~
Dance your life through the chakras
in a warm & spirited circle of women
with soundtracks to MOVE you~inside & out.
(Click here to hold a space or contact Kelly.)

(August Macke) (August Macke)

Write through the Chakras
Tune the voice into the body

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summer’s revelation

summer’s revelation

there is an intimacy to a summer morning

that i meant to write about

but the afternoon came swiftly and filled me with heat

so that i forgot the coolness

and the way the mists shroud the truth

that beginnings and endings are intimate too

like the seed and the harvest at the farmer’s market

and the first and last mornings of scones at the stand up the road

and the new lives replacing the old ones, lived out on this hill,

closer and closer still

Kelly Salasin, 2015
Kelly Salasin, 2015
What a difference a day makes…

What a difference a day makes…

the summer refugees
stream in somber procession
off the wild coasts of the Atlantic
into tunnels and across bridges
that deliver them into the straight lines of September

from salty sprays to the cubicles of stale air

from lobster rolls to peanut butter & jelly sandwiches

from flip flops
to the confine of safely-covered toes

from open-ended, day-upon-day,
endless nights,
afternoons within afternoons
deadlines, alarm clocks, and appointments,
the sun dropping in the sky
night fall

from our nascent waters
to the certain ending
of every
even summers such as this

lives such as ours

Kelly Salasin, September 2015
Kelly Salasin, September 2015


Well-played, September

Well-played, September


the dappled light on the hill crafts bouquets of yellow blossoms where the grass has already faded with the coming fall

this shrinking arc of day makes the jeweled promise of the morning last longer, sparkling through the leaves, instead of trumpeting overhead–insisting, demanding, expecting

the sun’s retreat also lends heat to the outdoor shower, warming the stones under foot, once cool in the deep shade of the canopy

a tiny, non-threatening, almost adorable, miniature-maple-leaf greets me on the path; the color red softened by the fading heart at its center

well played, September

today is the anniversary of my mother’s sobriety, and the beginning of our last week with her, 15 years ago

i’ve just learned of wayne dyer’s passing, a teacher whose work my mother introduced me to at her diningroom table where she imparted a (shortened) lifetime of hard-earned wisdom with the soft light and gentle hue of her soul


First Morning

First Morning

Neringa pond, Kelly Salasin, 2015

a bird and a plane pass overhead
the Jay heading east
the jet streaming west
their flight, miles apart
reflected in the pond
at my feet

the water stilled by the absence of children
except for the silent fish, free to create
ever-expanding circles that remind me that I am here
to pray

with open palms,
pinkies touching,
i recite the once foreign but oddly familiar words that i have accidentally memorized from years of repetition~

Karagre vasate Lakshmi
Kara-madhye Saraswati
Kara-mule sthita Gauri
Prabhate kara-darshanam

funny that it is the English translation that always slips from memory, leaving behind only beginning and ending fragments~

On the tips of my fingers is…
…a vision of energy in my hands.

In between there are Goddesses.
Saraswati is the one devoted to eloquence and learning,
a fine companion to evoke on this first day of school,
as I begin, again, to find the writer, within.

sultry summer~body, mind & soul~southern vermont~for women

sultry summer~body, mind & soul~southern vermont~for women

Kelly Salasin:

Summer Fitness (wellbeing) programming for women in Marlboro, Vermont:

Originally posted on Kelly & Lila:


Celebrate the expansive energy of the sun with the nourishing energy of the moon~in a circle of woman gathering for retreat, relaxation, rejuvenation~with offerings & rates that flex with your summer schedule:

Let Your Yoga Dance Weekly Classic (since 2007)75+ minutes of integrating music & movementthrough the chakras to wind down your day… Tuesday Evenings, 7:00 pm to 8:15 pm, between June 23 & August 11 (as scheduled.) $55 for 5 classes (save $20) or $15 drop-in (ask about pre-pay discount.)

Let Your Yoga Dance Immersion (1st annual!) ~Burst into summer with a week-long morning LYYD practice 75+ minutes of invigorating music & movementthrough the chakras to launch each day! Monday, July 13th ~ Friday, July 17th 7:00 am to 8:15 am $55 for the week (save $20) or $15 drop-in (ask about pre-pay discount.)

Women’s Blue Moon RetreatWriting, ritual…

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